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Tourist attractions in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Each year, millions of tourists choose to come and experience the rich British culture, the fascinating history and the old-millennial traditions that are still practiced here. Visitors that have enough time on their hands can taste a bit of every offering, from the vibrant atmosphere of the big cities to the mystic mood of old monuments and castles. Their multiple journeys across the UK are sustained by a complex and efficient structure of transportation that includes freeways, motorways and railroads. Here are a few of the most important tourist attractions in the UK and how you can get around visiting them.

Stonehenge - There are few other ancient monuments that match the notoriety and magical character of these Bronze Age stone circles that soar above the Salisbury Plain. The site has been dated as old as 5000 years and it seems that its purpose was that of an agricultural calendar used by the ancient people that inhabited these places. You can get around by car to Salisbury and then take a short walk to the monument, where you might have to wait in line for a good period of time, due to the large number of visitors. However, the wait still beats a few hours of chatting online on Live Sex Cams at These are great places to meet other adults and have flirtatious conversations with them, but with a bit of courage you can do the same while waiting in line to see the majestic blue, hanging stones.

The Windsor Castle – This is the oldest castle in the world that is still inhabited. It has been the residence of all royal members ever since its establishment by William the Conqueror in 1078. This impressive construction steals the horizon line from a considerable distance and attracts many tourists that travel by train from London to visit the State Apartments and the Great Park within the castle precincts.

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The Tower of London – A visit in the United Kingdom cannot be complete without passing through its capital city, London. With a rich history and a lively modern present, this majestic metropolis welcomes its visitors with impressive architectural wonders. One of these is The Tower of London, a palace that has been built almost a thousand years ago and has also served as a prison, a residence, a museum, an observatory and a treasure vault. Exploring its premises on a rental bike will bring you a bigger satisfaction than a full night spent on Live Sex Cams. Even though these websites offer you the chance to socialize more with online escorts, you will not be able to enjoy a cultural heritage as powerful as you will find in London.